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ShockAndAweCover-WEBSITE-VERSION-060817Thank you for swinging by to check out Shock and Awe. My debut thriller — packed with exotic locales, whiz-bang technology and murderous elites — features secret agent Jack Ford and scientist Lucy Kimball, who must overcome some serious trust issues to find a bio-weapon stolen by a ruthless adversary.

I’ll confess I was like a kid in a candy store while writing this book — gleefully grabbing thriller tropes I adore (gadgets! danger! glamour! fights! chases! dastardly villains!) and appropriating stuff I love from other genres (family drama! oddball characters! romantic tension! eyebrow-raising sex!).

After coming up with fun ways to make life extremely difficult for my main characters, I made life difficult for me by painstakingly editing the manuscript to ensure the various moving parts worked. I also vigorously fact-checked the manuscript with experts in microbiology, infectious disease treatment, pandemic response, software development, environmental pollution mitigation, communications, supercars, motorbikes, and close-combat fighting. These experts tweaked (ahem) some of my more imaginative assertions and helped ground the story in a closer approximation of the real and possible. If any inaccuracies exist, the fault is solely mine for not listening closely enough to the guidance these experts so generously shared.

My goal, through all of this, has remained simple: to entertain readers.

Bring It On, the second in a trilogy with Ford and Kimball, is coming in 2018. I also write short stories, some of which are available here. I live in San Francisco, where I’m often found in neighborhood cafes, typing madly into my trusty laptop.

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