About Michael Ryder

Thank you for visiting. I live in San Francisco, where I’m often found in neighborhood cafes, typing madly into my trusty laptop.

ShockAndAweCover-WEBSITE-VERSION-060817My debut thriller, Shock and Awe, the first in a new spy series, features secret agent Jack Ford and scientist Lucy Kimball, who must thwart murderous elites — and battle through serious trust issues — to find a bio-weapon stolen by a ruthless adversary. The sequel, Bring It On, is coming in 2018.


A Dinner to Die For is the first in a new murder-mystery series featuring private eye Daniel Hannity and his trusty confidential assistant Jake Sears. When a gorgeous socialite is accused of murdering her wealthy husband, Danny and Jake are dragged into the case. The story is very much a traditional murder-mystery — think Rex Stout, Ellery Queen, and the incomparable Agatha Christie — but set in modern-day San Francisco.

CrinklesIn Crinkles and Other Stories, an A.I.’s love for a human family leads to danger on an orbiting space station…. A hipster accidentally destroys Alcatraz while crushing on a cute coffee barista… A girl on trial for mass murder is either evil incarnate — or victim of a demon most foul… Across the ages, a time-traveling secret agent fights to save the family he lost forever… These stories and more are available now in this collection of short fiction.

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