Shock and Awe by Michael Ryder

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Doomsday in a bottle…ShockAndAweCover

A horrifying bio-weapon, stolen by a ruthless mastermind, is being auctioned on a billionaire’s Mediterranean island at a decadent gathering of the world’s wealthy elites.

No trust and no choice…

Tasked with infiltrating the island and stopping the auction, Special Exploits agent Jack Ford is ordered—forced—to team up with microbiologist Lucy Kimball.

Jack and Lucy have a history. They don’t trust each other. And that’s too bad—

Because if they don’t learn to work together, they’re going to die—

Along with everyone else on the planet.

Shock and Awe is a sexy spy thriller and a modern-day homage to classic espionage adventure — packed with gadgets and glamour, propelled by fights and chases and desperate escapes, and anchored by unlikely heroes battling unstoppable villains. Read at your peril!