Thrillers, Mysteries and Short Fiction by Michael Ryder



Shock and Awe by Michael Ryder

On a billionaire’s private Mediterranean island, amidst a decadent gathering of the world’s elite, a ruthless mastermind is selling a bio-weapon deadly enough to end the human race.

Secret agent Jack Ford and scientist Lucy Kimball, reluctant partners in a lethal game of catch-the-killer, must outplay an adversary whose bloody ambition knows no bounds….

A Dinner to Die For by Michael Ryder

Delicious but deadly… When a gorgeous San Francisco socialite is accused of poisoning her tycoon husband, private eye Daniel Hannity reluctantly takes the case — and finds himself caught in a twisted web of danger, desire and deceit.

A riveting whodunit in the tradition of Rex Stout and Ellery Queen!

Crinkles and Other Stories by Michael Ryder

An A.I.’s love for a human family leads to danger on an orbiting space station…. A hipster accidentally destroys Alcatraz while crushing on a cute coffee barista…. A girl on trial for mass murder is either evil incarnate — or victim of a demon most foul…. Across the ages, a time-traveling secret agent fights to save the family he lost forever….

These stories — and more — are now available in Michael Ryder’s debut collection of short fiction.