Short Fiction

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My short fiction — sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and more — has been published in Compelling Science FictionPenumbra, Fiction River, Devilfish Review and 365 tomorrows.

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Crinkles by Michael RyderCrinkles-2400x3599-FINAL-WEBSITE-VERSION

I am the A.I. on the Titan orbiter, tasked with caring for the scientists who call this space colony home. Even as I tend to these humans, I am not attached to them, at least not in the emotional human sense.

Until the Friar family arrives and their daughter gives me a name: Crinkles. Until a child’s wish for a friend alters me — expands me — forever.

Until disaster strikes, and I realize I will do anything to protect the humans I have grown to love….

Published originally in Compelling Science Fiction and now available on Amazon, this 7,000-word story envisions technology, at the frontiers of space, confronting the wonders of the human heart.

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Evil and Abigail Carr by Michael RyderEvilandAbigailCarr_WEBSITE

In Victorian London, a sixteen-year-old girl, on trial for murder, fights for her life — and possibly her soul….

Published originally in Devilfish Reviewthis tale of horror and crime is now available at Amazon.

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This Time, I Return for Good by Michael RyderThisTimeIReturnforGood-2400x3599-WEBSITE

Across the ages and against impossible odds, a man fights to save his family. 

First published in Fiction River, this tale of time travel using handwritten letters is now available at Amazon.

Also available through Fiction River:

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X-Cal by Michael RyderX-Cal-2400x3599_WEBSITE

Merlin meets King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot in modern-day California — sort of.

Published originally in Penumbra, this reimagining of the Camelot myth is now available at Amazon.

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The Gravity of You by Michael Ryder365_Eclipse_Square

She was supposed to take everything when she left him — including his memories of her….

Read the story at 365 tomorrows.